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5 ways to make your vacation better for the planet

Dreaming about your next getaway? Here’s my list of 5 ways to make your vacation more regenerative.

1 Plan your flights mindfully.

There's no getting around flying to some destinations, so do the best you can with this one. Take as direct a route as you can and try to avoid short flights. The most carbon is emitted during takeoff and landing. Skip the red eye flights if possible, when flying at night the cooler atmosphere causes the plane to emit more harmful hydrocarbons.

2 Take alternative transportation whenever it's a viable option.

Trains are one of my favorite ways to get around and explore! Many countries' have great public transportation systems that make exploring a breeze. Imagine being in a spacious berth on a coastal train through Scotland, you have time to read that novel and take in all of the natural beauty around you. Sounds better than dealing with a rental car to me!

Many countries' bus systems are well maintained and comfortable as well. Depending on where you are traveling, renting an electric car may also be an eco-friendly option.

3 Stay in accommodations that are aligned with your values.

When I book lodging for my clients I dig deeper than their profile. The things I look for are, is the accommodation owned and operated by a resident of that country? A lot of rentals are owned and operated by larger real estate companies. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, I would rather give my money directly to a local family/company than a large corporation based outside the country. If I am booking a resort stay I will research their environmental and community engagement practices thoroughly. Luckily there are more and more resorts making substantial efforts to put regenerative and holistic systems into place. Don’t be afraid to call them up with a list of questions and listen carefully for vague answers, if their commitments are wholeheartedly sustainable they should be able to clearly tell you what practices they are employing.

4 Spend your money with locals!

This one is near and dear to my heart and so vital in being a responsible tourist. In case you didn't know, I am also a ceramic artist as well as a travel consultant. I know first hand how much artists appreciate it when people support them over cheaply manufactured items. This can be an enriching and delightful aspect of your trip.

It also applies to where you spend your money on meals,( asking a local where they like to eat is a great way to discover some gems you may not have noticed before) to where you shop, and to the tours you choose to go on. Tours with Locals is a great resource for that.

1 Pack intentionally and as light as possible. Spend some time thinking about what you really will wear and need on your next trip. Pack as few plastic and disposable items as you can, bring a reusable water bottle, and make sure the sunscreen you buy is certifiably reef safe if your headed to the coast (another place where it is important to read carefully, as a lot of sunscreens are not actually reef safe like they proclaim). One of my favorite sunscreens that is reef safe and non toxic is Raw Elements.

Where will your next adventure take you? Get in touch with Aligned Travel if you would like guidance on planning your regenerative vacation!


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