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Oaxaca Culinary Tour with Tequio Foods

I wanted to share with you this amazing opportunity to explore the vibrant culture and food of Oaxaca City, Mexico. This is a group tour that is led by two native Oaxacans, Luis Martinez of Tequio Foods and Lily Palma of Lily Zapoteca Travel. I'm not usually one to get excited about group tours, but I would jump at the chance to go with this group if I could! During this 6 day adventure, you will be immersed in the world of traditional craft and food. You'll learn about and sample locally made mezcal and participate in cooking lessons, among many other things! One of the great aspects of this tour is Luis and Lily's commitment to supporting indigenous businesses throughout the trip. In their own words: "We believe in supporting our community by offering a fair payment, being respectful, and, more than anything, highlighting the work of artisans that have been doing their crafts for generations. Many companies can bring you down to Oaxaca, but only our collaboration focuses on working fairly with indigenous people to pay them for their time, knowledge, and products. Most companies rely on a commission structure, meaning that the artisan will only make money if you buy something from them. All the people on our tours, including the driver, artisans, experts, and food providers, receive fair payment." There are three opportunities to take part in the trip this fall. For dates and more detailed information check out their website.

Photo credit: Roman Lopez


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